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About Smart Electricity Meters

The new electricity meters in Norway are what we call AMS meters, which are smart electricity meters that automatically transmit your electricity consumption, so you don't have to read it manually. They have a dedicated physical output called the HAN port (Home Area Network), where end-users can access their own electricity data.

In Norway, there are smart electricity meters from four different suppliers:

  • Aidon
  • Kaifa
  • Kamstrup
  • Ladis+Gyr

What data do I get from the HAN port, and how do I access it?

  • OBIS list version, Meter ID, and meter type
  • Active power (kW) x 2 (= import and export)
  • Reactive power (kVAr) x 2
  • Current (A) x 3 (L1, L2, and L3)
  • Voltage (V) x 3 (all phases)
  • Active energy (kWh) x 2 (= import and export)
  • Reactive energy (kVArh) x 2
  • Clock and date

You can access this data using a HAN reader that plugs into the HAN port on the electricity meter. In some cases, the utility company may have installed a meter without a HAN port. In that situation, the customer must contact the DSO and request a meter with a HAN port or installation of a HAN port (they are obligated to provide this).

Opening of the HAN port

You need to request the opening of the HAN port through your utility company. This can only be done by you, for security and privacy reasons.

In many cases, the request can be made through logging in to "my page" on the DSOs website, often using BankID. In other cases, the DSO can be contacted by phone, or a form needs to be filled out. Usually, the opening of the HAN port is quick, but it could take up to several business days. Therefore, it is essential to request the opening as soon as possible so that everything is ready when you eventually connect the HAN reader.

Not sure which DSO to contact? It depends on the geographical location of your property and will be indicated on the back of the invoice you receive for the payment of the delivery charge. Alternatively, you can check the area licenses on a nationwide basis in the following map by selecting it in the layers.

Not sure if the HAN port is open? You can check with your DSO if the HAN port is open, either through their website or direct contact. In case the port is not open, you can also request the opening of the HAN port at the same time.