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Signal strength and placement of the HAN Reader

Placement of HAN Reader

The reader communicates wirelessly, either via WiFi or mobile network/4G. Its placement is therefore crucial to achieve good and stable data transmission in daily operations. We generally recommend placing it outside the fuse box (metal blocks some signals), and ensuring it is securely fastened without the cable hanging loosely. It can be attached using the adhesive on the back, and some readers also have a screw hole on the back for mounting.

The flat network cable that comes with it should make it easier to meet the requirements while still being able to close the door of the fuse box. If there is still too much distance between the wireless router and the reader (WiFi), or if the reader has poor mobile coverage (4G), there may be a need for further changes in placement. Therefore, the cable has RJ45 type connectors, which correspond to a regular network cable that can be used instead of the supplied variant, providing more flexible coverage conditions.

In addition, the spatial orientation of the device can affect the signal it transmits. So, if the coverage conditions are weak, there may be extra benefit in mounting the device optimally - vertically on a wall, with the cable pointing downward.

How to identify poor signal conditions of the HAN Reader?

You can check the signal strength of the HAN reader in the dashboard:

  • WiFi Signal: Data transmission starts to deteriorate around -90 (+/- 5). Higher numbers (closer to 0) indicate a better signal.
  • 4G Signal: Signal strength below -110 results in weakened transmission. Numbers above -100 (closer to 0) indicate a better signal.

However, these are not absolute limits but estimates based on testing and experience. It is possible to have a signal strength that is considered "poor" according to these limits without experiencing impaired functionality.

In cases of poor signal, the reader may need to recharge itself occasionally. It will disconnect from the network, start blinking yellow, and then reconnect once it has recharged.

Lack of data in the app or infrequent updates can also be signs of poor signal strength. In such cases, it is recommended to place the device more optimally using the tips mentioned above.