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General terms of use

General terms of use

  • EcoMonitor is intended for indoor use only and should not be placed in direct sunlight as it may reduce its lifespan.

    • Comment: Some of our tests have shown that EcoMonitor can also function outdoors, albeit inside enclosed cabinets. However, we cannot recommend this as it may potentially challenge the device's resistance to moisture and low temperatures. Users may try this at their own risk.
  • EcoMonitor should only be used in rooms with a temperature between -25°C and 40°C.

  • EcoMonitor must not come into contact with water or other liquids.

  • EcoMonitor must not be opened, disassembled, or modified.

  • EcoMonitor is designed for use with the HAN port on electricity meters in Norway.

  • EcoMonitor should not hang from the network or USB cable.

    • Comment: The device's connection points can be weakened, and coverage conditions may also be negatively affected as the antenna is likely not pointing towards the router in such a case.
  • EcoMonitor's performance may be reduced if the device is connected in parallel with other devices on the HAN port.

    • Comment: Tests have shown that this may work fine if connected, for example, with an HAN splitter, but we cannot guarantee the stability of the measurements as the device competes for power supply.
  • Hark Technologies AS accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage, or costs of any kind resulting from the product, accessories, or their use, except for legal liability that cannot be excluded according to Norwegian law.