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Introduction to queries

Dive into the versatility of our API with an array of queries, mutations, and subscriptions designed to empower your applications. Here's a glimpse into the possibilities:

  • Live Data Access: Stream real-time HAN-reader data directly to your application or API:
  subscription { realTimeMeasurement (...)}
  • Historical Data Retrieval: Dive deep into historical measurements with granular detail, down to two-second intervals:
  query { measurements(...)}
  • Aggregated Reports: Generate detailed reports, aggregating data for insightful analysis:
  query { reports(...)}
  • Consumption Alerts: Set up customized alerts for HAN-readers to keep track of energy consumption:
  mutation { addEstimatedHourlyActiveEnergyLimitWarningAlertSetting(...)}

Enhance your application with:

  • Detailed permission and access management for HAN-readers.
  • Simple updates and deletion of existing alerts.
  • User management made easy.
  • ... and much more!

Explore the complete range of functionalities in our documentation and schemas at https://api.hark.eco.

Going to production

Although executing GraphQL queries can be as straightforward as making an HTTP request, using a client library can greatly simplify the process for programmatic requests. Check out this site for a comprehensive list of available client libraries to find the match for your development needs.

Elevate your projects with our robust API tools and resources. Start integrating today to see the difference.