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Getting started

The Hark API is found on You can get user info, HAN-reader data, and use the delivery charge API (Nettleie-API) here.

This is a GraphQL API which use a query language to return exactly the data specified in the request.

GraphQL Playground

You can use our GraphQL Playground to test and explore queries.

  1. Open a browser and go to
  2. Put an access token or API key in the HTTP-header section at the bottom of the Playground like this:
"authorization": "Bearer tok_d2bed5de-XXXX-4692-XXXX-63525e4e80bc"

If you have been in contact with us, you should already have an API key sent to you. If you have a user account, use the Login query with email and password to receive an access token.

  1. Copy the query below and paste it in the Playground:
query {
me {

Run the query and you will get your user ID in return! 🎉