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Developer Guide

This guide is made for developers who will interact with the Hark API. All API services provided by Hark can be accessed at


If you are looking for general HAN-reader or Dashboard support, please visit this support page.

Explore Hark's API for access to features that will help you build powerful applications and integrations. Our API is built on GraphQL, a modern and efficient way to query and manipulate data.

Here are some of the things you can do with our API:

A complete database of prices 💰​

Explore the possibilities with our DSO API (Nettleie API). All Norwegian DSO prices, always updated, one click away. Leverage the DSO API to optimize energy usage and manage delivery charges efficiently. Learn More

Making an app is quicker than ever 🏎️​

Discover how to embed Hark's pre-made webapp within your applications, enhancing user engagement and operational efficiency. Embedd to app

Your energy data, your way ⚡️​

Begin exploring energy data with our API. Get Started quickly with the basics. And when you're ready, dive into the full potential of Hark's API. Explore Queries

Automate Notifications and Workflows 💡​

Set up alerts and webhooks for real-time updates, engade user, send signals to other processes or machines. Learn About Webhooks and Alerts

Get Devices out there 📦​

Want to quickly order devices, or automate the order process? Order devices through our API, get control of your devices and ensure fast shipping. Learn More

... and more ✨​

We are constantly working on new features and improvements. If you have any questions or need help, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

API fields and descriptions​

If you are looking for description of the fields and types you can request from our API, please reefer to the docs and schema found on our GraphQL Playground (

Need help?​

If you have already been in touch with us, you should have access to a designated Slack Channel. Ask our developers anything here.

You can also ask questions on chat here, or send us a mail on